Belated happy dolphin day!

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Come #shredthelove tomorrow at #SugarBowl feat. @b4bc @mahfia_tv and #djjohnnyvarsity!!!

I just got back from one of the most exciting and rewarding events / weekend I’ve ever participated in — MAHFIA SESSIONS powered by Group Y

The event was in conjunction with B4BC’s Shred the Love series and located at Mammoth Mountain.  

I was lucky enough to get to DJ on the mountain — an experience I will forever cherish and appreciate.  

MAHFIA SESSIONS is an event series that brings together influential women in the action sports industry and provides them with a forum to discuss their experiences, life-lessons, and insight.   This particular event was the first of the series and included the pioneers of the female snowboarding community as well as the founders of B4BC.  The takeaway, community and passion are drivers of change and success.  All those who attended were treated with good times, good people, and invaluable knowledge from the pioneers of female snowboarding.

Thanks to MAHFIA, Boarding for Breast Cancer, Group Y, and Mammoth Mountain for putting together an amazing and rewarding weekend!  Can’t wait for the next one!

'The mountains are calling…' #johnmuir #mammoth (at Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH))

Stacy.  Dash.

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The Eighties at Echo Beach | Michael Moir (2011)


Feeling the #goodvibes in #venice with @primark #mauiandsons #california #surfco #since1980

My perception of Google Glass



Is winter over… ‘Cause it’s gettin’ HOT!!!

MOSSBERG PUMP pumpin’ out that San Diego sunshine!

summertime all the time

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